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About EEG


We are a community of open minded students who crave creativity and are always thinking about the next big thing. We are hackers, designers, and business-minded people who desperately want to make the world better.

EEG is the leading resource for anyone interested in startups and building things. Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur, or someone who just wants to learn more, get involved with us. We'll help you become a part of our network.


Let us send you infrequent updates on our events, and cool opportunities. No spam - we promise.


Ways to Get Involved

1. Office Tours

Every Thursday, EEG Hosts an Office Tour.

Rain or shine, we will visit and interact with one of the most innovative companies on the East Coast every week. See what's coming up and reserve your spot on our Events Page.





Here are some companies we have lined up


2. Join our Facebook Group

Talk with other EEG members.

We have a vibrant and engaged community of the most intelligent and creative students at NYU. Use this group as a way to share new ideas, get feedback, ask for advice, and find companions for that Javascript Meetup you've been trying to attend for the past 3 weeks.


3. EEG Over Coffee

Meet other EEG members.

We know that the most important conversations happen over a cup of coffee. Meet up!


To see what else we're up to, sign up for our Mailing List and check out the Events Page.